N.D.G. Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign

In the removing complaints from Google’s hometown, Montreal, there has been a lot going on lately and one topic of interest involves the launch of a crowdfunding campaign in effort to preserve The Coop la MaisonVerte on Sherbrooke St. for the community, this location is important...
Posted On 18 May 2017

Three Steps to a More Secure Retail Website

If you are in the business of selling on the web, then you know that having a secure website that your customers trust is key to success. With all of the stories in the news lately about hackers hacking into big retail and service sites and stealing private information, more web...

All Tech Debts Are Not Harmful For The Business

It is true that tech debts are inevitable for a software designing, development and engineering company. It is also true that all tech debts are not bad. In fact, a little tech debt within manageable limits is useful for the business on the whole. It improves the level of...
Posted On 28 Apr 2017

Driverless buses to be rolled out on Singapore’s roads by 2020

Thanks to a new partnership between the government and Singapore and a local technology company, driverless buses – the first automated public transportation vehicles to hit the road in Singapore – are expected to be in regular operation by the beginning of 2020. Yes, you are...
Posted On 13 Apr 2017
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Data Analysis – Core areas where you need expertise

Data analysis is one of the thing that you need to do for your clients, while you are a developer as well. This is the time when software developers and the web developers are not treated separately. There are many websites now which will be acting like a software. In case of...
Posted On 07 Apr 2017

How to perform keyword research for a new client

If you have decided to pursue a career in digital marketing or SEO then you know how big the competition is. There are hundreds of other companies across the world who are willing to fight you over every single client. So, it’s hardly surprising that whenever you have even a...

How Redesign Your Website without Hurting SEO

Is it possible to redesign a website without hurting SEO? It is possible to redesign your website without causing any disaster to SEO. Though optimizing your site requires a substantial amount of time, you should exercise precautions while revamping the design of your site. Many...

LeSS Framework helps in Adaptive Web Design

It is possible to design the web by making use of the LeSS Framework. For this you have to get introduced to the modified version of the same. You just don’t view the web on the computer monitor. You have more devices with better screen resolutions and these are used by people...

9 Reasons Small Businesses Need SEO Services in Singapore

None of the business houses that you see today started as huge as they currently are; they all started on a small scale at first and then progressed to medium scale and then finally to large scale business; if you are planning to be a successful businessperson in the near future,...

How to Write Successful Thesis Statement? Handy Tips to Find an Online Writing Agency

The sentence that highlights the main idea of the selected topic is a thesis statement. Basically, it reflects the writer’s opinion of the main idea. A solid thesis statement – Gives direction to write a paper and places a limit on what to write about. Informs the readers...